Oregon T-Shirt - Eugene Edition

$19.99 $24.00

Tee lives!

Visualize yourself jogging through the quad with the wind in your face, a burning in your legs, and your sweaty Eugene Edition Oregon T-Shirt clinging to your chest. You ran that last mile faster than you ever have before, but you pushed through the pain and now you're going to finish this one on pure guts alone.

As you whip past the admiring onlookers, you hear them turn and whisper to one another, "is it him" and "there he goes". All you can do is smile — you're a LEGEND.

You really need this t-shirt. Here's why:

  • It's a one-of-a-kind design. Trust us, your friends will be jealous
  • It's a must-have for anyone who needs more Oregon Ducks apparel
  • If Eugene is your hood, then yeah, you should already own this t-shirt ... like yesterday 
  • This puppy's proudly printed and produced on preshrunk 100% cotton t-shirts in the U.S.A. — say that three times fast 
  • Guess what? It's available in your size
  • Who are you kidding, you can never have too many t-shirts
  • You can delay doing laundry by one more day

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